Tips for Healthy Restaurant Dining

Posted by on 9/28/2017 to News
Restaurants know the key to your heart and your wallet; through your stomach. And while yes, the food and drinks are delicious, they can set you way over in the amount of calories and fat you need for a day. Between the seemingly-innocent appetizers to the sinful, over sized entreés, eating out really can explode into a nightmare for anyone trying to keep their waistline in check. Check out our tips to help you have an excellent game plan the next time you decide to eat out at a restaurant.

The Power of Ubiquinol

Posted by on 9/20/2017
The Power of Ubiquinol
Bodies By Bristol is always looking for the best ways to take your health and training to the next level, and since day one it has been our goal to support you along your journey. Our product Ubiquinol has many uses that you will love.